Video and Media

Global Audience with Local flavour

Sona Translate’s media and entertainment translation team understands that, while your industry is loads of fun, it’s serious business. Our entertainment customers require precision, expertise for the adaption of content that has a quick turnaround and a short shelf life.

Whether your media is news, entertainment, or sports, Sona Translate can build you a authentic solution powered by our network of translators delivering unparalleled content at blazing speeds. We deliver on time, every time. Bring local flavor to your global audience.


Whether you host your video on YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo Business or your own website, or use you videos for eLearning modules or international corporate presentations, video translation services can help propel your video content into linguistically diverse and economically important global markets.

And with research that shows incorporating videos into marketing email campaigns increases click-through rates by 96%, and that landing pages with embedded video can “increase conversion rates by 80% ,” is it any wonder that veteran marketing translation teams often tend to focus on video localization and translation?


Music Replacement

Out of our database of over 1,500 copyright-free songs, we choose music that best matches the original music track.


We translate scripts for TV programs and movies. Please feel free to consult us on rare languages.

We translate broadcast footages without scripts.

We translate all documents concerning video media such as contracts and program proposals.

Video Editing

We offer various video editing services to cater to the religious and cultural climate of the target region.

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