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Who We Are

Sona Translate is a global first for a Translation Services Agency. The company was established by Sona Circle (www.SonaCircle.com) the world’s first networking and recruitment platform that connects refugees with their immediate surroundings and opportunities.

Sona Translate is a response to the growing need for initiatives to support refugees. Formed in partnership with veterans of the translation services industry (with over 40 years experience), Sona Translate was formed as the first responder to the #SONA100 campaign (www.Sona100.com), an initiative from Sona Circle set to create 100 opportunities in 100 cities for refugees. Sona Translate is creating paid employment for refugees and aims to encourage other businesses to follow suit.

Refugee Initiative

Our socially responsible business model addresses the issues of education, labour force participation and social integration by supporting the engagement of minority groups and restoring access to economic opportunities.

We employ highly skilled professionals, who have (or have had) refugee status to deliver translation services, thus allowing us to positively impact the lives of the individual, their families and the wider community. We are creating opportunities for people seeking to improve their income and economic equality.


Our Values

What makes Sona Translate different? Our values. Our commitment to solving our customers’ problems utilising a socially responsible business model but just as importantly, in an ethical manner. We do what we say we’re going to do. We stay accountable. As a united team, we consider a wide range of perspectives, and we’re not afraid to bring challenging and innovative ideas to the real world, ensuring our services are mutually beneficial.


We believe in conducting business in a ethical manner. We hold ourselves accountable for our work, and how it’s achieved, as well as the social responsibility to our staff.



We are committed to driving exceptional business results and we take personal pride in all we do. Our enthusiasm to achieve the best results and provide the best environment for our staff is unmatched.


Our curiosity led to the formation of this agency. We are always seeking out new and innovative ways to to provide not only the best service but also to make a positive impact on the world.


We genuinely care about our customers and their business. Our partnerships are formed from mutual goals and understanding of their business. This helps us develop solutions that deliver the highest levels of quality, service and value.

Our Translators

At Sona Translate, we have industry specific translation teams with a background in your sector: market researchers who have a thorough understanding of research processes; experts with experience in technical documentation; practitioners with expertise in a specific jurisdiction or areas such law, corporate finance, international trade and litigation.

Our translators have a thorough understanding of the terminology, language, and technical aspects of your sector before they even start your project. So you will always receive fast, accurate translations you can trust.

Translator Testamonials

“Sona Translate helped me and my family when many other organisations turned me away for jobs when we first moved here. They looked at the quality of my work and not where I was from.”

Imani Suli

“The thought never really crossed my mind to be a Translator as I studied Law in my native Syria. However when I came to the UK, my Law degree wasn’t valid here so I had to think creatively. Working with Sona Translate means that I can stay connected, learn about the Legal system here and earn money whilst I complete my conversion course.”

– Adnan Qamar

“It’s challenging for refugees to find jobs here, as there are many obstacles. I downloaded the Sona Circle app which had some courses on there that refugees can complete to help them secure employment. These helped me get the necessary qualification I needed to work as a Translator. They really support refugees in setting up their new lives. I can’t thank them enough.”

Suriya Lahore

“I never realised how important my ability to speak Arabic would be in the West.  I took it for granted as it was my mother tongue, but you never know where life takes you. Working with Sona Translate has helped me utilise a skill has that has become very lucrative for me. They have helped me find my place in the UK whilst keeping my home with me.”

Muhammed Wirani

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