Portuguese Language Translation


Portuguese is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. It is a first language in eight different countries and is spoken natively by roughly 230 million people with an estimated 260 million total speakers. Portuguese is the first language of Brazil which has the 7th largest economy in the world. The Brazilian economy is recognised as one of the world’s five major major emerging economies, denoted by the acronym BRICS. Portugal offers economic opportunities of its own. Since the 1990s, Portugal has turned its focus to exports, private investment and the development of the high-tech sector.


For all our English-Portuguese translation assignments, we only use experienced, native Portuguese translators – capable of translating in a number of Portuguese dialects (those spoken in Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique, for example), all of whom specialise in a number of different areas of translation to give the best possible results for our customers. Documents are proofread and formatted to suit each client’s individual needs, resulting in an excellent Portuguese translation.

Portuguese (Português) is one of the word’s most important languages, with some 230 million native speakers, ranking 6th position globally. It is spoken mainly in Portugal, Galicia, Angola and Portuguese-speaking South America, especially in Brazil.

Do I need a Translator?

Because both Spanish and Portuguese are spoken on the Iberian Peninsula, many erroneously believe that the language is just a dialect of Spanish. Despite sharing similarities this couldn’t be further from the truth. So if you are looking to translate written text or speech into Portuguese, a knowledge of Spanish is not sufficient. You will need a Portuguese linguist.

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