Legal Translations Services

Trusted Expertise

Sona Translate’s expertise ranges from providing translations of patent documents to legal contracts and sworn certification.

Our network of legal translators are seasoned experts in the sector and have spent at least five years developing their skills and knowledge. This has allowed them to build a deep understanding of relevant legal terminology and requirements to make your project the best quality it can be.

We work with a wide range of trusted and experienced linguists, giving us the capacity to work on a wide range of projects and specifications. So what are you waiting for? Tell us about your specific requirements and we can tailor our services to meet your needs. Get a free quote today.


A patent is a vital piece of protection for companies and businesses around the world. It provides up to 20 years’ safeguard for a product or process or composition and gives the right to take legal action. Patent translations are an enormously valuable asset for an owner, or a major obstacle and an additional cost by way of royalty fee for anyone else.

Sona Translate provide a professional patent translation service to ensure you have sufficient worldwide protection.

Corporate Law

This high volume of new legalisation is a result of new market-based economies developing around the world along with, the growing internationalisation of trade, the emerging world economy, and significant developments in technology.

With more and more organisations choosing to develop internationally, Sona Translate can provide you with professional legal translation, specialising in corporate law.

Exceptional Experience

Sona Translate are specialists in providing legal translation and interpreting services worldwide. We do this through our highly experienced team of dedicated legal translation professionals from over 100 countries.

Many of our legal translators are experienced legal practitioners in their jurisdiction. This means they can understand and interpret ‘legalese’. But critically, they can also contextualise translations within the legal principles and concepts of the target language. What’s more we have translators who are specialists in areas such as commercial/contract law, corporate finance, criminal law, IP, international trade and patents.

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