Refugee Linguists

We provide interpreting services all over the UK and in most major international cities for an array of business situations. Our linguists are refugees, who interpret English with a combination of over 80 languages. We provide specialist interpreters depending on the occasion. Our interpreter selection depends on the topic of the event, the language requirement and the topic of discussion. We have interpreters all around the UK, and in most major capitals around the world.

What do we Interpret?

  • Conference interpreting – both simultaneous and consecutive worldwide

  • Court interpreting – only in the UK

  • Business interpreting – negotiation and meetings

  • Interpreting Equipment Hire

  • Simultaneous Interpreting Services

  • Consecutive Interpreting Services

How we work

Let us know the situation and we will do the rest. We will find the most suitable solution and let you know the price. Once confirmed we will brief our interpreter before hand to optimise performance. Email us or give a member of our team a call.

Conference Interpreting Services
Conference interpreting entails live interpreting and with no room for mistake. Our conference interpreters specialise in specific business areas for quick, reliable interpreting. We can assist with organising the event, supplying the interpreting equipment and translating material in preparation.

Interpreting Equipment Hire
In addition to providing interpreters, we also provide all necessary equipment needed to interpret. This includes the booths for interpreters, microphones, PA systems and delegate headsets. All equipment will be delivered and set-up with our technician who will be present throughout the event.

Court Interpreting Services
This service is only provided in the UK. Our court interpreters are all registered, CRB checked and specialise in specific areas of law.

Consecutive Interpreting Services
Consecutive interpreting works where the interpreter takes note while the delegate is talking. The speaker then takes a short break, giving leeway for the interpreter to begin interpreting what is being said. The two of them work consecutively alongside each other in this manner. This service is useful for training sessions and business meetings.

Simultaneous Interpreting Services
This is a live uninterrupted service and often used in conferences and larger training sessions. This service works much more immediately than a consecutive interpretation.

Whispering Interpreting Services
This form of interpreting woks where the interpreter listens to a piece of speech and then whispers the information to the chosen client. Whispering services are usually used in smaller conferences and seminars.

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