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Charity  and NGO Services 

Getting to the heart of the matter. That is what is important to our charity and NGO clients, whether they work just locally or on a global scale. The ability to guide, inform and garner support requires expert translation and an understanding of your ethos, brand and end users.

With experience across leading brands in the third sector, we understand that value for money, quality and accuracy are some of the most important factors in charity translations. So we ensure that our translators are trained in the vocabulary and special terminologies used, as well as the brand guidelines, tone of voice and culture of the audience.

Why work with us?

Many charities, not-for-profit organisations, NGOs, advocacy and aid groups and societies need to communicate internationally. What sets us apart is that our translators and interpreters have  a unique insight in this as refugees, but also expertise in a range of social, economic, political and ethical issues relating to the charity and non-profit sectors. Our translators not only understand the language, but they also have the industry-specific vocabulary to support the important work these organisations do

Critical Messaging

Charities operating in numerous countries, will now have the capability to apply for locally applicable grants and government funding. However, without indigenous staff ‘on the ground’, it can be difficult to properly complete formal applications, or indeed sift through the reams of red tape. By use of our professional translator, you can now complete formal applications at the same level of detail as a local. In most cases charities operate on a goodwill basis, relying on donations from members of the public and organisations. Getting word to those people is a challenge at the best of times, but without properly formatted text, driving your message home may be extremely difficult. By use of our translation services, your key messages can be formatted perfectly into your chosen language.

Here are some examples of the types of translations we complete for our Charity and NGO clients:

Formal legal documents
Requests for charity donation by public and organisations
Government documents and applications
Financial translation

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